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Top Challenges in Lead Generation for Software Companies

Increasing Qualified Leads:

Mostly, companies fail in converting relevant visitors to leads. The main pitfalls are  improper business communication, under performing landing pages.

Drive More Conversions:

Businesses find challenge in converting marketing qualified leads to Sales Qualified Leads. The improper communication between sales and marketing teams, tardy responses may fall as reasons for this.

Lead  Nurturing:

Lead nurturing often relies on the time frame of contact and determining what type of content is needed to send at every stage of buyer’s journey.

Establish Credibility:

Credibility is the paramount for any business success. Meet the prospect’s objective with honest and sincere advice to provide the best service rather than selling them.

Deeper Insights Of Your Prospect:

Inadequate understanding of a qualified lead at what stage of the buyer is, causes confusion within sales and marketing team. This may lead to miss the opportunity to close the deal.

Shortening Sales Cycle:

Every prospect received by the company may not be converted into leads. At the same time, not all leads converted are qualified to close. Identifying and concentrating on winning leads will improve your ROI.

B2B Lead Generation Through Inbound Marketing Methodology For Technology Companies


Identify strangers as your ideal visitors. Blogging, e books, infographics, podcasts, how-to-videos and many more help them to understand their challenges.


Turn your visitors into qualified leads. Distributing insightful content offers make them to analyse the solution.


Even after a lead is closed, one must engage a customer through thought leadership content making them as your business advocates.


Convert qualified leads into paying customers.  Marketing automation, powerful workflows, lead nurturing helps to win the customer.

A solid Inbound Marketing strategy for software companies, which helps in providing solution to the key challenges that a commonly faced in lead generation for the complex sale. Let Smart Social Brand do the b2b lead generation to keep your sales pipeline healthy.

“Generate 54% more qualified leads with the inbound methodology.”

(State of Inbound 2014)

“57% business buyers do online research about your product or service before they speak to your sales representative.”


Why SmartSocialBrand for Inbound Marketing?

Smart Social Brand helps you to launch tightly themed inbound marketing campaigns that get tangible results. All, we do is to build your brand, generate qualified leads and establish credibility.

SSB’s dedicated team consists of Inbound Marketing certified consultants, content strategists, designers, developers, and technologists. They exclusively focus on content marketing, lead generation, demand generation, lead nurturing for Technology-based companies.

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