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Every business in today’s world needs to have a good understanding of who their customers are and how to market to them, otherwise it is just blowing hot air around. In the Inbound lingo, these customer profiles are called Buyer Personas.

Buyer persona is a distinct group of potential customers, an archetypal person whom you want your marketing to reach.   David Meerman Scott

Is there a need for you to understand specifically your buyer personas before you go for a website redesign? To put it simply, understanding your organisation’s buyer personas helps you to create a website that is not only tailored to their unique needs and pain points but also drives through their buyers’ journey, till they are ready to become a customer.

What are Buyer Personas

To put in simple words, a Buyer Persona primarily represents a semi-fictional representation of the ideal customer which is based on market research and also real data about existing customers.
With a detailed buyer persona, you can determine where to focus your time, it’s a guidance to product development and also allows alignment across the organisation. This will result in attracting the most valuable visitors, leads and customers to your website.

A buyer persona will include the following information:

  • Pain points
  • How purchases are made
  • Why certain purchasing decisions are made
  • What makes a person decide between your business and a competitor
  • Questions frequently asked

Understanding your buyer personas helps you redesign a website

Using marketing personas made website 2-5 times more effective and easier to use.

Helps you write the right content

When you understand your buyer personas’ questions, it will help you develop the content on your website in such a manner that it presents them with answers to their problems. You align your website content with their searches and also aim to answer their questions as closely as possible. When you understand and solve their single problem, there will be naturally a lot of follow up queries and questions and this will further provide you the chance to develop more content for your website such as blogs that speaks to your personas’ questions and searches.

Makes your website user-friendly

A compelling and relevant content will help you achieve your prime goal of getting the right visitors to your site, stay on the website and finally convert on your website. And then this can only happen when you develop and understand your buyer personas, specifically the content which talks about their preferences and online behaviours finally optimising the target customers’ site experience.

In below example Virgin America pushes the usability, accessibility and responsive design forward.

Make your website userfriendly.png

Optimizing your website

Without even having an in-depth understanding of your buyer personas, when it is possible to create a search engine optimised a website, what is the whole point of doing it?

Research has found that 90% of marketers who use persona as a marketing strategy gain a better understanding of their buyers as a result.

When you understand your buyer personas, you not only optimize your website for the search engines but also are attracting the right visitors, that you wish to draw. By correctly using the same words and phrases that your buyer personas  use when they seek a particular information, the content on your website can be tweaked. This further ensures that your site will rank with the right phrases that can be found by the right people.

You may have the most beautiful website, but if it is not good enough to address your visitors’ problems, you have wasted and squandered your budget. A sales-boosting and lead generating website can be created only if you understand what makes your buyer personas tick. You need to translate your website features into benefits and solutions your buyer personas want to solve.

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