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Trendsetting Changes Expected in Content Marketing for 2017

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Trendsetting Changes Expected in Content Marketing for 2017

As we move into 2017, a few newsworthy activities related to the content marketing under
digital marketing services appeared on the radar and is believed that they could work as a crystal ball for content marketers in the coming year.

1. Segmented content:

Many websites find difficulties engaging each of their specific audiences in an efficient manner. Website content segmentation is the method of presenting your online content in a clear, concise and unique way to each of your website visitors. By segmenting the audience into smaller groups, brands allow delivering content that will resonate better.

2. Multimedia content:

Content has become visual over a few years. Marketers recognized the power of an image long ago. The power of video is visible on Facebook from the past two years, with 500 million users now watching a Facebook video every day. These are well-established forms of media in the present day, but it looks like several more are on the horizon left unseen.

GIFs are becoming more popular, with Gipsy recently raising an additional $72m in funding. Facebook has rolled out 360-degree photo publishing. Finally, numerous companies, including Youtube and Facebook, and soon Instagram, are broadcast live video.

In the very competitive content arms race, expect early-adopting brands are experimenting with a lot of these new forms of media.

3. Interactive content:

Interactive content is where the action is now trending! Interactive content is professionally developed and designed content that enables the readers to choose different paths in the content, click on sections that are of interest and are applicable, and that is more entertaining than the standard text-heavy content we see today. In simple terms, Interactive content is an improved way to educate, entertain, and engage the audience.

Interactive content is one of the best ways to have a conversation with your readers. Interactivity brings the dynamism and persuasive power to a landing page, email, blog, paid social media ad or anywhere else there are chances to find your audience. The strategies behind, why it works is because humans can’t resist the call to test themselves, compare, compete, share their opinion, and have fun.

By now we are aware that content marketing is one of the most essential keys to the success of Seo. We need to get updated with the growing changes in order to increase ROI, this can be done well by approaching the best SEO Companies who are here to improve your online visibility in search engines.

4. Personalized content:

Content that is created to focus a specific people and personas. This enables the content to be of as much valued as possible to the readers. Delivering personalized experiences to the customers is clearly the top priority for marketers. In fact, 94% of senior-level executives believe providing personalization will prove to be a critical or essential key to reach the customers in 2017. A study states that marketers that provide personalized web experiences are likely to get the double-digit returns in marketing performance and responses.

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