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In today’s world, it does not matter how good or best your product or service is, your business cannot just survive without high quality leads. The more qualified leads you to generate, the more closures and revenue you receive. More revenue always provides you the confidence to lead the world and face a competitive environment and helps in your business expansion.

Here are 7 ways to generate higher quality leads that will yield the best results for your business.

1. Creating a company blog

A blog on your website is the best digital identity for your company. All you need is to focus on your target audience and develop and write compelling content to address their issues with specific actionable strategies. This is the best and efficient way to pull your audience towards your website. And when people find value in your content, they will easily sign in your newsletter or ask for a free trial of your product or service.

2. Optimize your landing pages for lead generation

No matter how great looking your landing page is, if it is not optimized properly, you will never be fully benefited from its lead generation capability for your business. Landing pages become essential for converting your first-time visitors into a long-term audience.

If you find your landing page isn’t generating sales-ready leads, then you need to start improvising the copy in the headings. You need to also look at the form length of your offer. Remember that your visitor is also weighing the value of your offer based on the amount of information that you have asked for in the form. Putting too many fields are a big no, as it may drive down your conversion rates.

3. Using qualifying questions in forms

Shorter forms are always great for conversion rates, but sometimes you need to compromise. Just by adding an extra question of one or two can help you qualify your prospect for your sales team. 

For example, adding an extra question towards “decision making” can provide information for your sales representative to prioritise when they need to follow up on a lead, or deciding to put the lead back again to marketing for further nurturing till they are ready to buy.

4. Lead scoring

Lead scoring helps you provide values to each of your leads based on their professional information and their behavior on your website. It is an important way to use the data from your forms to assign points to each of your lead on some scale like 1 to 10. Higher the grades, the better your lead is.

5. Nurturing your leads

When it comes to leads there is no such lead which is a bad lead. It is that sometimes people consume incorrect or bad information and those leads cannot be used. But it is up to the companies to think if the leads are sales-ready or not.

Automation help marketing teams identify leads that are not sales ready and hold them back in separate lead nurturing funnel and they continue to educate with better content and keep them engaged till they are sales-ready. And when sales teams receive leads that are not ready, they did better send them back to the nurturing funnel so that the marketing team can continue with the conversations till they are ready to buy.

6. Press Releases

Nowadays, press releases are not just for driving that media exposure anymore; they are at present meant to drive action too. Press releases as compared to other lead generation initiatives, are inexpensive and offer direct access to the audience through numerous channels and also come with built analytics.

7. Webinars

When it comes to webinars, they tend to provide better leads than the other gated offers. People who are interested in registering for your webinar are looking for a deeper connection with you and also look forward to the higher level of information. They have very well understood your brand and company and have made the commitment to attend your event and want to listen to what you have to communicate.


The above 7 steps will help you maximise yield from your best leads and keep your sales team happy and highly productive. Remember that getting B2B sales qualified leads is to be more resourceful and to try different strategies to keep your growing your business with B2B leads. You could select the strategies which are best suited to your business and test them over a period, and watch what return on investment can be achieved.

To help you get through the challenges in marketing your IT Businesses we have developed a free downloadable eBook on “Effective Marketing Ways For It Businesses“.

Effective marketing ways for IT business


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