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You have a great lead strategy in place and you are happy to find lot of leads flooding into your database. But nurturing those leads through the sales cycle quickly can be done only with marketing automation. Softwares like HubSpot help you in speed up the sales cycle, managing your sales efficiently. Marketing automation also will help lower your cost per customer and also shorten your sales cycle, ultimately making the job of your sales team easier.

Here are 4 ways where marketing automation can help shorten your sales cycle.

1. Marketing automation helps you score leads for quality and relevance:

Imagine how happy your sales team is when they get to meet the leads only when they are ready to purchase. Automation helps in prioritising leads so that it ensures that your sales team gets to speak to only those leads who have identified their problem and have been properly educated. This is in turn provides the sales person comparatively lesser time to win the prospect’s business as compared to the lead with a lower lead score.

As per Aberdeen Group research, “87% of respondents are currently using or planning to use lead management technologies. 40% currently score and lead prioritize leads.”

sales cycle with marketing automation.pngSource: Aberdeen Group

2. Marketing automation helps educating prospects:

Marketing automation helps leads to be nurtured through behavioral triggers that help indicating what prospects are actually interested in and helps in what content should be delivered to help educate them. This in turn help shortening the sales cycle.

When your prospects communicate what they are interested in based on what they have read, downloaded, and opted in to, it further helps the salesperson to continue the education process with a conversation which is targeted based on prospect’s needs. This is opposed to finding out on the phone after trying to sell that aren’t relevant to those needs.

3. Marketing automation enables quicker response time:

As per a study by Harvard Business Review, companies that are able to contact prospects in an hour or less are 7 times more likely to have a meaningful conversation with key decision makers than those who wait longer. That means, with the help of marketing automaton, your sales executive can set up events which will provide quick and also relevant response when the prospect is actually looking for it.

4. Marketing automation helps faster follow-ups:

Follow ups are very crucial when closing a deal. This is the hard truth your sales executive faces. And marketing automation helps in making a follow up process easier and helps in implementing it for all different segment for the leads. The messages which are automated can also be personalised, so that the sales executives have touch points at a regular basis with each of the prospect, further reducing time spent on manual tasks. This also provides time to focus on closing the deals faster.


The main advantage of marketing automation is that it speeds up the process of the sales cycle. It helps in transforming a lead from being just a database entry to a prospect who has specific problems and supporting the sales team with the correct information they require to personalise the sales process. Finally, marketing automation accentuates and accelerates the sales cycles for more closes and further more happy customers.


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