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For any inbound marketing campaign to be successful, the landing page is the lifeline. And creating a high performing landing page can make a huge difference to your marketing efforts, ultimately driving your traffic, highlighting your true value, finally ending in a sale or conversion.

What is a landing page?

A landing page or webpage has a single focus of a call to action which is pointed towards your target audience, turning out a lead magnet for you. It also helps initiate a conversation and close a deal.

As per Landing page course “Landing page live separately from your website and are designed to only receive campaign traffic. As we will see, this separation allows them to be focused on a single objective and makes analytics, reporter & testing a simpler task.”

But having explained the importance of a landing page, how can you create a landing page which performs well and improve lead generation?

Here is one of the best landing page examples which convinced visitors to fill in their details.

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Here are a few tips for you which can help create a landing page that will ultimately get you a lot conversions:

Strong and Informative Headline

A good landing page should start with a strong and informative headline. Basically, if the page is visited by a stranger for the first time for only five seconds or less, they should be able to tell what the page is about?

You can use all your creativity to create a killer headline – it can be fun & creative or it could be little serious. Be sure that it should be closely related to the page and the content that you offer.

Body Copy

Once you have a appropriate headline which catches the attention of your visitors, the next thing you have to do is create body content that describes the content offer. And remember the body copy should be compact and powerful. It could be longer if you want it to be but keep in mind that you only have so much time to impress your reader on your landing page.

Conversion Verve conducted A/B tests on short and long copy landing pages. In the study, they found that short copy yields great results when there is little commitment on the part of the customer/visitor and little risk related to the conversion goal.

You could use formatting elements – bullet points and highlight the takeaways which are important. One of the best practices for the landing page is to remove the top navigation menu. This will help your visitor never to click away from the page.

You can also plan to have a video on the page. Having a video on the landing page can increase conversions by 86%.

Smart Forms

The main goal of your landing page is to finally get the visitor to fill out a form and share the required information with you. A landing page form is quite important to your landing page effectiveness. It has to be highly visible and you need be sure that people know by filling out the form is how they will get the content offer they want. 

There are few other things to consider, one of those would be to let the form fields be short so that the visitor is not in pain to fill out the form. You can also use smart form fields so that you can progressively profile your visitors by asking them only a few questions at a time.


A simple, clear and clickable call to action is all you need In order to successfully convert visitors to email subscribers or customers. The advantage of using call to action buttons because they help in grabbing attention quickly, especially when they are colorful. 

Selecting the right color also can affect your CTA’s performance. In one of the case studies, Dmix wrote about one of their projects in which they tested green and red button colours. In their testing, with around 600 subjects they found that conversions increased by 34% when they use red button.

HubSpot in one of its test found red buttons worked better than green buttons.

color emotion guide_conversion.png
Source: conversionxl


You need to be credible when you selling on the internet. That is why testimonials from important people is crucial on a landing page. Ideally, a testimonial from your satisfied customer who can provide proof how good your product or service was. This is again raise conversions rates.

Landing pages can be hugely effective way to generate leads and move your customers along the sales funnel—if you take the time to do them right and make sure your website visitors can find them.

The landing page is the ultimate place for conversion from your visitors to leads and then from the leads to customers as it persuades to make the decision you want your visitors to make. With the above tips you can create more high performing landing pages that converts and brings in the desired results.

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