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Every day, you and your sales team apply traditional strategies to reach your prospects. But do you know inbound sales and marketing activities can further enhance your traditional marketing activities. When properly deployed, inbound marketing helps improve the results of traditional marketing tactics and outbound marketing will give a lift to the impact of your inbound marketing strategy. 74% of companies that weren’t exceeding revenue goals didn’t know their visitor, lead, MQL, or sales opportunities numbers. Over 70% of companies not achieving their revenue goals generate fewer than 100 leads per month, and only 5% generate more than 2,500 leads per month. (HubSpot)

Here are few existing traditional lead generation process which you have already in place and the ways you can further enhance it:

Turn your existing website into a lead generating machine

Now that you have a regular site in place, one of the ways of enhancing it is with landing pages. Landing pages are basically the hub of your lead generation efforts. Every marketing campaign that you run and every offer that you create should be tied up to a custom landing page. The more number of landing pages you have, the more opportunities you have to convert site visitors into leads. There is also a considerable SEO benefit for having more landing pages which have an impact even before visitors land on your website. From design to form length to share buttons to navigation, and so on there are many elements that make a top-notch landing page.

Use social media to generate more leads

You can also use social media as a lead generation channel with Facebook’s objective based advertising, and Linkedin’s sponsored ads. Social advertisements go a long way in helping revenue based lead generation campaigns. With Facebook, there are a variety of ad products to generate leads which include targeted advertising, organic posts, events etc. Twitter Cards is also a two-click solution for lead generation. Linkedin with its product offerings such as lead collection, direct ads and sponsored updates has proved that they can be 277% more efficient in generating leads than Facebook or Twitter.

Running various contests, special offers, discount codes and polls & surveys on social media are all good options, and as a winning prize, an extended trial of your product could be a good option.

Social media
Making use of the right lead generation tools

You have a great looking website in place, and you are sure of getting leads, but then no lead will magically turn into a customer for you. Leads are as good as your nurturing efforts are. An inbound marketing automation tool can help you nurture your leads. The automation tool can help you place leads into a workflow once they fill out a form on your landing page, so they don’t get the chance of forgetting about you. You can deliver them valuable content that matches their interest. With relevant follow up emails, lead nurturing should start that include great content. And as you nurture them further, you can learn more about them and then tailor all future communication accordingly.

And for any marketing to be effective, it’s not an either/or scenario. There is no need to choose between inbound and traditional. For many of the businesses today, a combo approach is what will lead to a long term success.

So all you need is not to choose between inbound and traditional marketing tactics but integrate both the strategies that will improve the results of both.

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