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A lead magnet is a critical component for any marketing funnel, which helps generate more leads month after month for every business. When you have an irresistible lead magnet, it immediately helps grabbing the attention of your buyer persona, delivers real value to them, and finally helps you generate more leads. When you provide your leads a free offer, you pique their interest in your paid offers – beginning your relations with them on a positive note.

What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is a piece of content given away in exchange for contact information. When most people today are inundated with newsletters, emails and other offer advertisements, the lead magnet should be truly unique for the prospect to give you their contact information. In fact, the lead magnet should provide your prospects something of value so that they can share their email address.

Before you create any lead magnet, you need to create your customer persona first, then use the information derived from the customer persona to build one or more lead magnets. The more value you can add to the lead magnet, the better the results should be.

If you’re ready to try your hand at creating lead magnets that work, these six ideas are well-tested.

Six ideas of creating lead magnets that work best for you.

1. E-Book

E-books turn out to be  great lead magnets and are always on the top of the list as it is the best to generate more leads for a business. People who want to gain expertise in their particular field find e-book a good choice as it allows them to do that. This makes the e-book one of many reasons why e-book makes a compelling lead magnet.

They are comprehensive and are very tangible and cheaper compared to other lead magnets and can reach a wide audience than a webinar, cheat sheet etc.

The E-books may make your prospects feel a little overwhelmed as they tend to be lengthy and complicated to consume. The most popular among them all is the “how to” ultimate guides.

2. Report

Reports usually offer best practices in place and also some news. It could be a collective form of data from research which can be applied to similar businesses. They are also one of the cost-effective ways of a combination of original findings which helps to make an actionable plan. It proves to helpful for people who are seeking out professional help.

3. Free Trial

The term – FREE itself defines the lead magnet, but then the aim is to make the free offer so valuable to the prospect that they would actually pay for it to get it. Most of the technology and software companies have always used this lead magnet. Leads can be captured by sending free samples of the product or a free magazine subscription. Your prospects will be interested in giving their email address if the sample sent by you describes your products. As long as the customer uses your product, the better are the chances of him/her converting into paying customers.

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4. Templates

Templates can be in any of the formats, Word, Excel or any other common program and should be designed in such a way that it should appeal to the target audience. Free templates are great lead magnets as they help you generate more leads. You have only to be sure that the template you offer supports what you are selling.

5. Cheat Sheet

Cheat sheets are basically short tips or lists or worksheets that generally help your customers solve their specific problem. As they are short in size, the design of the cheat sheet is quite essential. You can get a great design done in-house or hire a professional designer to make your cheat sheet look spectacular. Cheat sheets have a different “feel” as they address the specific problem of your customer. To make it more appealing, you can also add a short ebook that is good in providing supporting details on how the problems can be solved that is there on your landing page and lead magnet.

lead magnets6. Live Chat

As per a survey, 79% of customers say that they prefer live chat because of the immediacy it provides. That’s actually what a live chat does. It bridges the scepticism some prospects might have about your product or service. A live chat also provides you with an instant connection with the visitors as you contact them when your help is of utmost importance while they are on your website already. All you need to do is provide the extra information which ultimately results in the purchase.


Lead magnets are any type of marketing offer that is made in exchange for contact information, allowing to follow up with someone who is going to purchase or who is expected to make a purchase in the future. But remember that your offer should be relevant and valuable and not overly complicated in order to get a great result.
Go ahead and pick up any of the six lead magnet ideas listed above, tweak it accordingly and generate more leads.

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