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Lead lists used to be or still is the way business is done. But do these lead lists work? It may not, if you want to measure success of the leads generated, sales conversion, or the positive experience of the prospects. And then these leads lists which you buy don’t help in building relationship.

Here are few of the pitfalls you have when you buy a lead list

You are not only the one who is making the call

If you have bought the lead list for your business, there are high chances that you are not only the one who has bought the same exact lead list. This would mean that when you reach out to the prospects on that particular list, they would have already been contacted by other businesses in the area offering the same thing.

There are no specific target groups or buyer personas for leads which suits your business

Majority of leads that are purchased for a business are not fresh. They would have been on that lead list for some time now. This often results in the lead being “beat up” by everyone else that has purchased the lead and has already prospected on it. Hence, there would be a need to reach these in-market leads before any of your competition has the ability to contact them.

Advantages of generating your own leads

You can easily grow your lead list by increasing the number of people who have willingly provided the option to receive communications from you and your company. Inbound marketing is the best way and the stable foundation for scalable lead generation.

Here are the ways you can do it.

Create gated content:

With the help of creating gated content you can provide the reason for people to give you their email address. You can have webinars, ebooks, templates etc., which are good long form, premium content that people find valuable enough to share their email address. The more gated content you have to put behind landing pages, the better. A wider variety of content provided by you will make it easier for you to attract a wider audience.

Promote your gated content:

Now that you have some gated content ready that can capture email addresses, you need to promote them with the channels which are at your disposal including social media, email and PPC.

You should also do webinars through CiscowebExGoToWebinar, register in directories such as G2 crowdCapterraSaaS Genius. Press releases are also great way for promotion. Get your release in Businesswire, Newswire etc. 

Prioritise your customer requirements:

Plan content that addresses the challenges and interests of your current and prospective customers. People love to come to your website for a reason and regardless of what you do, they are always looking for information. So provide your website visitors with answers and guidance on how they can solve a problem and guide them through your product and services or any expertise that you have.

Streamline forms for better results:

You can use progressive profiling and ask only necessary questions on the forms that you provide to make it easy for people to give their email addresses.

Considering the risk to your brand’s overall reputation, a cost-benefit-analysis of buying lead lists shows the harm from this practice soundly outweighs the slim prospect of success.

Create effective call out actions or Pop-ups:

As per a research conducted by Sumo, the top performing 10% of pop-up forms convert at a whopping 9.3%. The call out actions or pop -up when they are used correctly, can enhance the experience the visitor has on your website and also boost your conversion rate.

Pop-ups for generating more leads
To put things simply, lead lists do not work anymore. Sales conversion rates from the buying lists is also pretty low and good address lists are not also readily available in the market.

Having said that think again, why spend your money in acquiring a lead list when you can easily expand your contact database for free and also which draws better results. In generating the qualified leads “Inbound Marketing Efforts Achieve Higher ROI Than Digital and Outbound Marketing

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