Social Media – Everyone is on it! So, everyone must be good at social media marketing, right? Wrong! A lot of people misuse social media marketing, which is why they end up with ineffective results.  Most marketers use social media as a dumping ground for their links and think they’re done with content promotion and social media marketing.  They completely miss the mark on the real ‘social’ side of social media – networking and relationships.  If you’re not making friends and genuine friends on social media, you’re doing it wrong.  So, we will be sharing three golden rules on doing social media marketing right. If you combine all the three rules, then we can guarantee that you will see effective results soon enough. Let’s dive right in! 
  1. Content Creation and Promotion

The first golden rule of social media marketing is to create valuable content and promote iT. The end goal is to drive traffic to your site. Impressions, likes, comments, and shares are good, but traffic (clicks) are the most important.  The first step is to work hard on your social media posts. Merely clicking the share button next to your article is not going to help you at all. You need to spend 5-10 minutes at least on each social media post so that you can see the noticeable difference immediately. The longer time you spend and the harder you work on your social media posts, the greater impact and benefits it will bring to you. Some of the best content creation practices for social media posts include: 
  • Headline: Questions, numbers, emotions, specificity, and urgency make a big difference.
  • Secondary headline: Here, you will offer your readers the benefits of clicking on your link. 
  • Emojis and special characters: Using visuals help your text stand out in a good way. They can range from a professional ✔️ to a fun 🙂 based on your brand’s personality. 
  • Hashtags: You should use one or two hashtags at the most unless you’re using Instagram.
  • Line breaks: Improve the readability and engagement on your timeline by adding whitespace, line breaks, and lists. 
  • Quotes: You can also pull up and highlight a powerful quote from your article and add it to the post within quotes. 
  • Visuals: Images are great. Videos are the best. Snackable one minute video commercials for your content are guaranteed to drive the most traffic to your site. 
  • Mentions: Mention anyone who has contributed to your article as part of social media etiquette. 
  • Campaign tracking code: Use a URL builder to add campaign tracking code to the links to gauge the real impact of your social media marketing efforts in Analytics. 
When it comes to content promotion posts, you can automate them easily with tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, and CoSchedule. Non-news or evergreen content can be automated and repurposed a number of times. 
  1. Content Curation

Content curated posts are when you share others’ content.  Curated posts help in forging and cementing relationships with your relevant industry’s thought leaders, and key influencers.  Industry-related, valuable content such as the latest news and trends helps make your timeline relevant and less spammy.  If there is someone you’d like to connect with and know better, and possibly even collaborate and work with someday, then content curation comes to your rescue. You can start building your relationship with key influencers, potential partners, and friends by sharing their content and mentioning them. This highlights your brand to them and makes you visible in their notifications. That’s a good start. Sharing and regularly engaging with their content makes you known to them gradually, and the chances are that collaborations will be possible.  Content curation is not just part of content marketing, but also account-based marketing, influencer marketing, digital public relations, and blogger relations.  You can also share articles where your brand has been mentioned in the media, cite, and thank the writer. Doing so shows that you noticed, and care. It’s basic social media etiquette. 
  1. Conversations

Now, this is the final third and most important golden rule of social media marketing. The simple ‘Hellos’ and ‘Thank yous’ are an integral part of social media marketing. Those likes, thoughtful comments, and generous shares are what helps your brand seem real, personal, and human. Digital marketers often overlook the personal interactions on social media, and this is where they miss out on excellent opportunities to take their brand from nowhere to somewhere, and then everywhere.  So talk directly to the top influencers, clients, friends, strangers, just about anyone, but get the ‘social’ in social media marketing back, and see how your brand rules.    For business brands, customer service happens with personal interactions. For personal brands or individuals, personal interactions are another form of networking and relationship building. Personal conversations cannot be automated. You need to do it manually on your PC, phone, or app. You’ve got to do it yourself.  You can delegate tasks, but not your voice, and certainly not your friendship. 

Final Thoughts 

Social media is hot right now, with all the major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc. serving different business needs, and customer profiles.  Based on your business model, target audience, and opportunities, we can suggest the right social media marketing strategy to take your brand from good to great. 

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