There have been many passing trends in Digital Marketing which have come and gone with the wind. But if there’s one constant which has proven the most effective channel, then it is undoubtedly Email Marketing. SmartSocialBrand provides Email Marketing services for various clients in diverse industries. 

Email Marketing is an effective channel for lead generation and conversions. But, how do you exactly do that. We break down and simplify Email Marketing for you in this blog. 

Why Email Marketing is so important

Email is one of the best ways to reach out, engage, and convert your audience. It’s a reliable and trusted medium by the audience, with an impressive ROI. 

If lead generation is one of your marketing goals, then Email Marketing is one of the best digital marketing tactics to achieve it. Email Marketing brings in high quality leads for your business.  

How to get the basics of Email Marketing right 

You need to have the basic foundations of Email Marketing in place to yield fruitful results of lead generation. Here are the best practices in Email Marketing that you can adopt in your strategy. 

  1. Email List Segmentation

Once you compile a list of all email subscribers, you must segment them based on different criteria that describe your audience accurately. The criteria can range from buying patterns, demographics, etc. 

You must segment your email subscribers list to drive effective email campaigns that yield higher ROI. 

Email segmentation is an important step in personalizing your email marketing campaign. The personalized and relevant your emails are to your subscribers, the more effective your email campaigns are going to be. There will be more open, click-through rates, and conversion rates. 

  1. Email Automation 

Email automation is a smart and effective way to work. Instead of manually sending an email every time a subscriber takes action, you can optimize your process via an automation software which sends the right email to the right subscribers at the right time. It removes all guesswork, saves a lot of time, and effort, and nurture your leads efficiently. 

Email drip campaigns are used for lead nurturing where targeted pieces of content is sent to subscribers based on their actions, guiding them through the sales funnel, and moving them closer to conversion. 

  1. Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is an important process where you assign scores to your leads based on certain buying patterns, and actions that they take. Scoring your leads help you identify who’s the most   qualified to buy your products and prioritize whom you need to engage with.

Lead scoring also help you determine which leads are suitable for the various types of email marketing campaigns. It improves open, CTR, and conversion rates, while decreasing your buying cycle timeline. 

How to maximize lead generation and conversions through email marketing

Below are some of the proven, tactics of generating high-quality leads and boosting conversions with your email marketing campaigns:

  1. Email newsletters 

Providing valuable content is the cornerstone of an effective email marketing. If you don’t provide value and continue to sound ‘salesy’ to your subscribers, they will soon be hitting the unsubscribe button. 

Email newsletters provide consistent, and relevant content that is valuable to your email marketing list. It helps you stay top of mind with your audience, boosting conversions and repeat sales via stronger relationships. 

  1. Create gated content

A gated content offer is a protected piece of content that you provide in exchange for your lead’s contact information. The gated content can range from an eBook, video, etc. You need to create a landing page that captures your lead’s name and email before providing the gated content to them. 

  1. Triggered emails 

Sending emails triggered by certain actions taken by your lead helps you to send the right message to the right person at the right time. The actions that serve as trigger points can be when a new subscriber signs up, a lead fills the landing page, and downloads your content offer, etc. 


Email marketing is a powerful channel for maximizing lead generation and conversion. 

Many companies find it challenging to implement email marketing. If you have trouble with setting up your email marketing campaigns, talk to us to know how our email marketing services can help drive more leads for your business and boost ROI.

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