Influencers are a real and viable career options today. In many ways, it’s a reinvention of PR for companies. 

If you are thinking of venturing into influencer marketing but do not know how to go about it, then this article is for you. We discuss the essential aspects of influencer marketing that you need to know, and some common mistakes to avoid before you draft your plan.

  1. Choose the right influencer for your brand

Today, influencer marketing means companies reaching out to high-profile bloggers, instagrammars, YouTubers or anyone with a huge social media following, and asking them to promote their product or service.

But to get influencer marketing right, you need to select the right influencer. The best influencer-brand partnerships are built on authenticity. 

You don’t want to pick just about any influencer. You need to select an influencer who organically reflects your brand value and personality. One who is a natural fit for your brand. One who has a passion for the same things as your brand. One who believes in your brand. 

  1. Trust the influencer’s expertise

Trying to force your brand message via the influencer to your target audience can prove counterproductive. So, instead of micromanaging the influencer, trust their authority and expertise in promoting your brand. 

People on social media are there to listen to the influencer’s opinion, and not yours. They are relying on the influencer to provide them an objective and honest opinion of everything including your brand. When you try to push your brand messaging too hard via the influencer, it can put off a lot of people.

When you are working with any influencer, remember that they are giving you their voice and personality. Trust their calibre and expertise to promote your brand the right way. They already know and understand what clicks well with their fan following. 

So, refrain from micromanaging your influencers as this could result in missing your target business objectives. When you find a natural fit of influencers for your brand, trust them to do it right for you. 

  1. Set SMART goals and metrics

KPIs are important for measuring the effectiveness of your marketing goals. And influencer marketing is no exception. 

To ensure that your influencer marketing is going in the right direction, you need to set SMART goals – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. 

You need to think deeply about your marketing needs and objectives. 

Do you want to build awareness about your brand to as many people as possible?

Are you only looking at increasing brand awareness with a highly targeted audience? 

Is your goal to generate clicks on a specific message only with a clear call to action? 

Do you want people to visit your website, and call your contact center? 

Not all goals work for your business. You should be able to choose what goals work for your business and what doesn’t. 

Setting goals and metrics is crucial for influencer marketing. Make sure that you have a clear goal in mind which is effectively communicated to your influencers. Also, make sure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to measuring the success of the brand-influencer partnership. 

  1. Use The Right Outreach Methods

After identifying the right influencers, the next hardest part is how to reach out to them. The solution is to understand how a particular social network channel works, and what channel your influencer is most active on.

If you’re mutually following each other on any social platform, you can go ahead and message them.

Alternatively, you can connect via LinkedIn, a business networking site and even email. If you do plan to email, then you need to make sure that you have an eye-catching headline so that they open your email. Personalizing emails is always a better option than automated ones. 

Keep your communications short and on point while being respectful of your influencers. 

Highlight any potential value that you’ll bring them.

  1. Build an authentic relationship 

Getting a good influencer endorsement is a very valuable thing. As a brand, you should ensure that it is a two-sided relationship. You can start by offering what value you will deliver in return for the influencer’s services. It could be anything from a free ticket, voucher, product, service, event invitation, or fee payment. 

It is advisable that you keep up the relationship even after the contract is done. Build authentic relationships with your influencers. 

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