We always get excited when we talk about inbound marketing, but that does not mean we would like to exclude outbound marketing strategies and tactics like trade shows. But at the end of the day, it’s about the right marketing strategy mix that get real results. So the important question is how one can drive significant results from the trade shows. This is where inbound marketing fits in.

Mentioned below are few of ideas before, after and during trade show which will help you to integrate inbound marketing into your next trade show.

Before the trade show

Be an active participant online: As per the trade show theme, you can write articles/blogs/press releases on the product or service you will be launching or offering a live demo. Presenting yourself as a thought leader by discussing industry topics of interest can be even better. A landing page can also be created on your website, where you can offer some engaging content that your prospects want in exchange for their contact information.

Send automated emails: Engage your contacts and lists of registered attendees with automated and targeted emails that give them a reason to visit your booth or kiosk. Communicate your speaking engagements, planned events and presentations.

During the trade show

Set up the CRM software to enter leads: To enable booth visitors to enter their details, set up an app or kiosk mobile device. The HubSpot CRM & Sales mobile app can help you scan your prospects business cards into your device to create contacts. Contacts that are added should identify the trade show or exhibition as the source.

Leverage social media platforms: To further engage and reach out to show attendees, you need to use social media channels. You may not find enough time to engage in social media activity but keep checking and responding to Twitter and Facebook interactions.

Engage yourselves: When a show participant appears in a panel or attends, make sure you post the real-time quotes and photos online to involve your followers in proceedings. This will further help in educating, informing and delighting your current followers and drive an increase of followers among others attending the conference.

After the Trade Show

Create useful and helpful content and share socially: You need to cite topics and learnings from the trade show and create educative content and share it socially.

Scoring the leads: After the trade show, not every contact that you have entered into the database is a qualified lead. When you use a marketing automation tool, the lead scoring tools help you qualify leads which are based on their behavioural and demographic data.

Nurturing qualified leads: Use a marketing automation tool to send a first email (Glad to meet you) to your leads from the contact information you have collected. Further, you can schedule two or more additional emails with valuable content to nurture contacts into sales qualified leads.

Track the Leads: You need to follow the trade show contacts throughout their journey to determine if they are converting. This will further help the company to measure the value of connections produced from trade show appearances.

Conclusion: Trade shows are a significant investment of time and capital. Inbound marketing helps your sales teams not only driving more sales from trade shows but also nurture all your warm leads to convert them into sales opportunities to keep your sales pipeline healthy. Eventually, helping your business to grow.

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