An important key to running your inbound marketing campaign is your choice of the right marketing automation tools. All automation tools are not created equal but a good software paired with the right inbound strategy can help you drive more traffic, convert more leads and close more deals to grow your business.
In this blog, we look at why HubSpot is better than other marketing automation tools.

Advantages of HubSpot
  • The marketing automation tool from HubSpot is an All-in-One solution for businesses to organise all their inbound marketing efforts on a single platform.
  • A combined tool for marketing and sales teams, the teams can share data and lead intelligence to communicate faster for personalized communications.
  • Provides a complete picture of analytics and insights to action on the right data.
  • Campaigns get organised and automated to generate sales qualified leads for your business.

Comparison of HubSpot with other Marketing Automation tools:


When we compare HubSpot with Hootsuite, it looks like a tough comparison as both the tools have almost the same things, but HubSpot includes certain other tools to support a full inbound marketing strategy and also comes with a free CRM.

If you want to manage only your social media, Hootsuite is the best bet, but if you want to manage and integrate your social media along with rest of your marketing and sales efforts, then HubSpot is the right tool to connect and enagage with your prospects and clients on social channels. HubSpot also has a free certification process, which helps you to become certified in Inbound marketing. The process covers a wide variety of topics and can make you an inbound expert in no time, while when it comes to Hootsuite, it offers the social media education through their Hootsuite Academy for US$21 a month.


HubSpot and Marketo offer powerful analytical tools, but they do differ. HubSpot has a built-in customer relationship management (CRM) tool, and that is one of the greatest difference between HubSpot and Marketo. HubSpot’s greatest strength is to have all your business information in a centralized location, with it offering a marketing platform with a CRM and sales dashboard. But Marketo’s analytics is more technical and has a deeper analysis, which is meant for greater visibility.

HubSpot CRM makes it easy to organize, track, and grow your sales pipeline. Get deeper insights on every lead and monitor deals with ease.

With HubSpot, you can compile cross-team reports, have more collaborative sales and marketing reports and also compare marketing and sales analytics. Again with HubSpot, you only need one log-in, one support line and one bill for the entire marketing platform but for Marketo you will need multiple logins, bills and also support lines.


If we look at the major difference between HubSpot and WordPress, HubSpot was built to support the complete inbound marketing methodology, whereas WordPress was meant for blogging and grew into a wider content management system. While HubSpot supports the full funnel inbound marketing, scoring tools and lead nurturing tools, WordPress appears little complicated with lots of plug-ins required for starting an inbound marketing campaign. HubSpot also has an advantage of a built-in analytics dashboard and also an extra option of custom reporting.

Having compared HubSpot with the other marketing automation tools, we can conclude that, though the other automation tools certainly have their own strengths and unique features, but it is HubSpot with its all-in-one solution which stands above the rest as a truly integrated marketing and sales automation software to grow your business 2 times faster.

Do you still have doubts about HubSpot automation platform or inbound marketing? Schedule a free 30 minute marketing assessment with our inbound consultant to clear all your doubts.

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