“Little knowledge is often dangerous” – goes an adage which truly applies for a marketing strategy like inbound, an often misunderstood area of marketing that has developed myths. Without proper information and experience about inbound marketing, these myths get repeated more often.

Here are 5 myths of inbound marketing

Myth 1. Inbound marketing comes free

Inbound marketing is more affordable than outbound marketing, but it’s not entirely free. There are no costs like in traditional advertisements to be paid, but you need to pay professionals who are inbound consultants, content writers, designers, social media experts etc. There is also an investment that you have to make in tools such as marketing automation software, sales automation and CRM, which increase the productivity of marketing and sales.

Myth 2. Inbound can produce overnight results

Inbound marketing is just another form of marketing which cannot provide success overnight. As inbound marketing is heavily dependent on creating quality content for every stage of the buyer’s journey, there is a huge amount of hard work which goes into it. Even if you want to generate one qualified lead, you need to attract the visitor, which includes a content plan, social media plan and SEO strategy. It further takes time for the content to get noticed by potential clients, and a little more time to lead through the sales funnel from strangers to sales.

Myth 3. Offering free content devalues product / services

Content which appears in paid advertisements seems of more value than the content which is used in blogging in inbound methodology. This is perhaps the most common misconception that one has, but what is right is the total opposite. When you provide free great educative content, it emphasises your expertise and increases the value of your product and services to solve your customer problems. Your potential readers get a feel of how the product/services of your company actually fit in with their business requirements and objectives.

Myth 4. Inbound marketing is a fad

Inbound marketing strategy is often dismissed as a “fad”, but then inbound is an evolved form of marketing strategy that has been around for ages. Inbound is simply a more efficient, scalable, a modern approach which has stood the test of time and is now applicable for businesses small or large, which won’t go away soon.

Myth 5. I need expensive software to carry out inbound marketing

When it comes to software fees, some people hate paying it. It also happens that when the benefits of inbound marketing are talked about, especially when it comes to the value addition it makes people get excited, except when the cost of software fees is discussed. But if you invest in an inbound marketing platform like Hubspot, it is worth the fee. An All-in-One Inbound marketing software it provides you everything that you need to launch an effective marketing campaigns that make people interested in your business and happy to be your customer. And for any growing company, cost for automation tool won’t be a bottleneck for growing their business further.

The bottom line now is when it comes to applying any new strategy to achieve key business objectives the first step is to demobilise the myths and get started.

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