A Survey by RAIN AND ITSMA on 845 B2B companies reveals that nearly half ( 42.1%) – said finding a tactic, strategy, or content offers creation to gain attention of potential leads is either ‘extremely challenging’ or ‘very challenging.’ Unless the helpful content offer or lead generation strategy gets the attention of your potential buyers in this crowded digital content world, lead generation program won’t work effectively.

B2B lead generation challenges are:

  1. Improper identification of target market and buyer personas

    You should lay a marketing foundation of all your lead generation marketing efforts from shaping a buyer’s persona research. Identifying perfect firmographics is paramount to achieve your marketing & sales objectives and business goals. Your buyer persona profiles are created by addressing your target market’s wants, needs, desires, and fears. With the advent of online buying, customers buying cycle has received many changes.

    45 percent of today’s buyer research online for the product or service before they actually talk to a salesperson. So understanding and analysing the lead generation process that your personas take from the trigger to purchase will aid you to launch a successful inbound lead generation strategy

  2. Irrelevant Content Offers

    According to Janrain, nearly three-fourths (74%) of online consumers get irrelevant content (e.g. content offers, ads, promotions) that has nothing to do with buyer interests.

    Providing educational, helpful and insightful content offers will increase your brand awareness, generate sales qualified leads and establish credibility.

    Any content offer you provide, the ultimate goal is to to get people to say “yes” to our offers. There is a huge mismatch of mapping content offers to different stages of buyer’s journey, and content publishing ‘best times to share on social media’ plays a crucial role in engagement with your potential customers.

    The title of your content offer acts as a key deciding factor for the visitor to read the content or not to read. So providing an inappropriate title that does not convey the value of your content makes your prospect to pass by.

  3. Call-to-Action  ‘Wrong place and message’

    Many software or b2b companies provide an overselling and using vague, passive language, not conveying the value of content and having many words on CTA are some of the common mistakes in making an inappropriate call to action.

    Someplace CTA’s at middle, other at the bottom, few on sidebars. These placements are good practices of CTA. Usage of contrast colours for your CTA so that it standout and persuade your visitors to take action. There should not be too many CTA on a single page and it should not distract the reader by displaying it repetitively.

  4. Non-performing landing pages

    Well, Optimized landing page is a gold mine for generating b2b sales qualified leads. It eventually increases your landing page visibility in the search engines.

    Enabling main navigation menu on the landing page will not encourage the user to fill up the lead capturing form to generate more IT leads.

    If the landing page takes more time to load, the prospect may lose interest in moving forward. With more mobile users and having the fastest 4G smartphones in hand, customers need a piece of accurate information within no time.

To help you get through the challenges in marketing your IT Businesses we have developed a free downloadable eBook on “Effective Marketing Ways For It Businesses“.

Effective marketing ways for IT business

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