Traditional branding & promotional activities went after “share the word” philosophy where the ideal idea is to get your customer to associate with your brand. Brand Promoting is mainly to focus on a single message -“Tell them we’re the Ultimate Driving Source that serves you, in a most thrilling way”. 

People are not interested in looking for brands instead, their interests; hidden emotions are connecting with the brands. Customers buy Bahubali T-shirts because they are emotionally connected with the movie and the hero. Some of the successful big brand promotions that people do remember them and like to see often are  Vicks – Generations of Care and “Jaguar’s Good is Bad “ 

The basic methodology for these brand promotions to succeed is that they have shown the different aspects of people’s interest and emotions shared by personalities. They could make you laugh, or cheer, or inspire, or fell in love, or may make you cry, or be in for some time, or make you take notes. They actually “share the emotion”. 

The emotionally compelling content is categorized as funny, useful, beautiful, and inspiring.

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How can we prepare content that land on one of these categories? How do we make a brand promotion as “Share the emotion”. 

The Inbound Marketing framework where the Marketing strategy drives by considering each phase of Buyer’s journey makes it happen with ease.  

An efficient inbound marketing philosophy that leads to a successful brand promotion are:

  1. A promotion on the buyer, not seller.
  2. A personalized experience to the buyer’s context. 

For this, you need to find out answers to a set of questions about your audience.

  1. What kind of content makes your audiences feel funny, useful, beautiful, and inspiring?
  2. Where does your audience fetch for those kinds of content?
  3. How and where does your brand fit into those promoting content categories?

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