“It’s the cars themselves that drive the most social buzz and excitement.When we get into some of the more human aspects, there’s a little less interest. When we’re showcasing the product, the technology, photos of our engines – that’s when people get excited.”

-By Rob Milne, the North American Director of Marketing Operations for Mazda.

Automobile Digital Marketing

Everyone know that Social Media is the best medium for Customer engagement and lead generation. In Automobile Digital Marketing industry, positive customer experience can equal to long term success. Countries like India where own vehicle especially cars are considered as style icons and pride factors. People crave for one that resembles their self-style and social prestige.

According to CMO Council,

  • 23 per cent (or) essentially one out of four – car buyers use social media to discuss or communicate a recent purchase experience.
  • 38 per cent of consumers report they’ll consult social media next time they purchase a car.
  • An incredible 84 per cent of all automotive shoppers are on Facebook and with 24 per cent using the networking site as a resource for purchasing their last vehicle.
  • Between October 2012 and April 2013, clicks on Facebook auto ads increased from 16 per cent to 39 per cent.

Research by cars.com shows,

  • 63% of car shoppers examine merchandise online via mobile while physically shopping at an auto lot.  
  • Of these content, 51% pertains to price, payments and offers
  • 29% is inventory information.
  • 35% of car buyers check an email from a dealership if it includes information about a style, colour or model of the car.
  • 24% consider review sites to be the “most helpful” factor when it comes to making purchase decisions.

To be one among the best dealers, you should meet the most innovative Digital marketing tool that helps you to match the buyer’s need.

Some of the big marketers use Digital Marketing strategy to boost their Sales Qualified Leads.

  • Mini’s NOT NORMAL 6 weeks campaign engaged  230,000 people on social media, 2,217 pieces of content were shared, nearly 30,000 new followers and fans were recruited, and 3,853 people visited the campaign hub to look for a new Mini.
  • Dodge’s Dart Registry campaign, allowed thousands to sign up.

Although these campaigns are of 2014, they formed a trendsetter and now being used as a Digital Marketing case study.

Regardless of whether you work for a Brand or as a dealer, Digital Marketing always leads a huge business and lead generation.

Some of the innovative techniques used by Digital Marketing Campaigns:

Storytelling: The most consistent significant and efficient forms of brand promotion is through storytelling. It is not enough to simply post content but it should resonate with the buyer’s perspective towards a vehicle. Current problems of traffic, air pollution, health problems, to present trends, luxury features that the vehicle provides to commoners dream achievement etc. a story can build a connection with a buyer personally.

Let’s Talk: This is a fantastic tool through which not only a personal connection with the buyer is building but also acts as a self-performance review tool to the brand maker. This kind of digital marketing campaigns will encourage a buyer to give their comments and feedback on the product they are using and the problems they are facing. On the brand side, this requires you to ask questions, answer inquiries, and address issues.

Well, reigniting the flame of digital marketing by means of identifying the right influencer that can create a branded content today lies an ideal step for Auto brand promotion. Another important ideology of approaching digital campaigns before months of the actual launch of a new product is to hit a bit fever pitch and also allowing the companies to test the effectiveness of their ads because of the matrix is driven technological marketing tools available..

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