Lead nurturing focuses on educating qualified sales leads who are not yet ready to buy.

In 1978, Gary Thuerk of DEC sent out the first mass email to approximately 400 potential clients via the ARPANET. It resulted in $13 million worth of sales and highlighted the potential of marketing through mass emails.

What is Lead Nurturing?

It is the process of developing relationships with buyers at every stage of the sales funnel and through every step of the buyer’s journey. It focuses on marketing and communication efforts on listening to the needs of prospects, and providing the information and answering their need.

Email marketing is an effective means of direct communication. However, users block out large amounts of content from emails by use of filters and blocking programs. In order to effectively communicate a message through email, marketers need to push content through to the end user, without being cut out by automatic filters and spam removing software.

Modern email marketing is perceived more often as an Inbound Marketing Strategy. Emails are generated according to the tracked behavior of consumers. Promotional material is tailored to their needs and relevant details presented to potential buyers. Effective Inbound marketing gauges a lead’s interest and nurtures it over time to a commitment.

Inbound marketing is one of the best ways to communicate with an audience:

  • 74% of consumers prefer to receive commercial communications via email.
  • Email marketing has an ROI of 4,300%.
  • Relevant emails drive 18 times more revenue than broadcast emails.

The key to successful lead nurturing is to deliver content that’s valuable enough to keep your audience engaged. If you do it right, lead nurturing can help you build a strong brand and solution preference in your prospects, long before they’re actively engaged in a buying process. Lead nurturing software allows you to track qualified sales leads and automate content delivery through various inbound marketing channels.

Emails in Inbound marketing is the most direct way to get specific content to a specific lead. Done right it will nurtures leads of a potential client converting it to sales. Companies must make sure that their program does not violate spam laws or their ISP’s acceptable use policy.

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