Reinvent Marketing with Automation

Organize, Automate and Grow

Technology Driven Marketing

The science of marketing has evolved due to the power of technology.

Technology is simplifying and handling noise created across the complex network of social media platforms. Wave after wave technology is sweeping businesses off its feet. This has made marketing at scale of big businesses with multiple partners a reality. Softwares automate repetitive tasks, reduce human error, manage complexity, and optimize efforts. Getting more done in less time, technology is driving revenue by aligning all the marketing and sales activity. Today, 67% of customer’s journey is digital

Smart content & Intelligent Forms

Smart Content=Smart business; adding meaning to content

Creating content customised for the audience: emails, landing pages, forms, ebooks, infographics & white paper. Smart content is: for the ideal customer, is informative and interesting, is consistent, shareable, linked, includes CTA, and measures ROI. Structured or smart content enables technology to do interesting things with it. According to Forrester 66-90% of customer journey is self directed today. Hence, professional landing pages with intelligent and progressive forms build complete customer profile.

Campaigns on Autopilot

Automating the marketing minutes

Designing & defining campaign workflow: Timing, entry point, CTA, trigger responses, conditional touches, follow up communications. Automation allows you to step in at the right moment and stop unsatisfied customers from jumping ship – or sell a satisfied customer a new product at exactly the right moment. Reports, dashboards and graphs reveals: opens, clicks, views, and downloads. Lead scoring identifies which customers are qualified for an upselling/cross-selling campaign. Merge all of your marketing essentials into a single platform, and seamlessly integrate with other key systems.

How Your Business Can Benefit From Marketing Automation

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Data Driven Decisions

Rethinking from Manual to Modern

The key of marketing automation is accurate, actionable data and seamless tech integration. 57% of purchase decision is completed before customer calls the supplier. Insights to customer data helps better analysis and optimisation with ROI. Track, understand and respond to digital body language. Track and identify precisely which channels and campaigns are converting, and understand ROI at every stage of the funnel.

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