Everybody can write. So says Ann Handley, digital marketing pioneer, writer, and speaker. Ann believes that content is more important today in the digital world than ever before. 

As content gains central prominence in the digital marketing world, it is wise to polish your writing skills irrespective of your background and job role. 

In this article, we discuss how to write good content for the digital medium i.e., the web.

  1. Know your audience: Identify your target audience and understand the pain points. Also, you need to be aware of their choices and preferences to cater to their needs accordingly. Be clear about your content marketing strategy. Set the tone right. Once you have assessed your readers accurately, you will be able to deliver the exact content they are looking for. Furthermore, they will enjoy what they read. Strive to wow your reader. Know what excites and entice them to deliver the appropriate content.
  2. Formatting: You can increase the visual appeal of your content for better readability by enhancing the appearance with a few simple formatting tips. 
  • Replace text by photographs (A picture speaks a thousand words, remember?)
  • Using different font sizes and styles
  • Changing paragraphs into points
  • Keeping your paragraphs short, not than 4-5 lines 
  • Use targeted captions or headlines that bring out the crux of your content.
  1. Optimization: Web content is also about visibility. Online visibility or Search Engine Optimization is an important digital marketing goal. Use of short and long-tailed keywords, being direct, and to the point lures potential readers to your content. Research on the topic to find out how and what is trending. Also, hyperlinking your content with other writer’s content widens the reach. Keep yourself updated about Google as the search parameters keep on changing. Avoid spamming your content and keep track of its post-production.
  1. Promotion: One of the goals of content marketing services is to reach out to the maximum number of readers. Remarkable content is not only consumed but gets shared too. Place ‘like’, ‘share’, and ‘follow’ options along with the review and comment boxes to build a followers’ list for your content. Make sharing visible and accessible. 
  1. Be original: Offering a unique and different perspective on a popular topic increases its value. Fresh and authentic content establishes you as a genuine writer. You could also challenge a mainstream point of view in your article and back it up with solid facts and logical viewpoints. People love to read controversial content. Be prepared to support your theory and points with reliable data from well-researched surveys and reports. Go with the flow yet break the mold to create an impact on your audience. Be you yet be new.

Final Thoughts

“Practice makes a man perfect.” 

To create outstanding content, one needs to build that momentum with dedicated and regular practice. If you make a promise to write every day, then it is just a matter of minutes to transform a blank page to a piece of literature. 

There, you have just finished reading a remarkable piece of content, didn’t you? 

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Happy blogging and keep writing! Let your thoughts flow!

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